Faizal Latheef

Side Agreements in the UAE: Reconciling with the Companies Law
Publisher:The In-House Lawyer
Publication Date:June 01, 2011
Location:London, UK


In the UAE it is common knowledge that many limited liability companies (LLCs) are in fact owned and managed by foreign shareholders, though the legal ownership may reflect differently. It is common for the shareholders to execute ‘side agreements’, as they are commonly known, between them to mirror their real understanding of the ownership and management of the company and its operations.

Author: Faizal Latheef

Faizal is renowned for his expertise in corporate and commercial law. He represents and advises clients on a wide variety of matters including Foreign Investments, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Distribution & Franchising, Anti-Corruption & Compliance, Cross-Border Transactions, Employment and Wills.