Why I like to become a lawyer?

Why I like to become a lawyer?


During high school, law was not my first choice of profession, biochemistry was my first choice. However, as my first semester in university came to an end I realized that it was not the right occupational path for me. Fortunately, in university, we have the freedom of selecting courses that are not related to our major. Due to this exposure, I was able to discover that I would like to pursue law with a Bachelor’s in economics. After determining my new career path, I wanted to gain an insight on what happens in a law firm, and applied for an internship with Kochhar & Co. I was overjoyed when I received confirmation that I would be interning with Kochhar & Co. for a month.

Why I Chose Law

When most students are asked why they want to pursue a career in law, many of their answers have to do with the salary and prestige lawyers receive or because they are not ‘good at mathematics or science’. But, choosing law as an occupation should be about carrying out the job and not the rewards. Becoming a lawyer requires many technical skills such as analytical and communications skills; however, it also relies on an individual’s soft skills. Moreover, a lawyer should ensure that they interact and conduct business with a client in a professional manner, as even the slightest misconception may lead to a doubt in their work ethic and professionalism.

I chose law as my occupational path based on various aspects of the job. Law has immense power over our everyday life and becoming a lawyer allows us to use the law to help people. Additionally, this offers lawyers the opportunity to work on different cases with different clients to gain exposure to a variety of people, industries and challenges. When working with clients a relationship is established between a lawyer and the client so with every client a unique relationship develops. The law is always evolving and this gives flexibility to a lawyer to specialize in different fields. The best part about being a lawyer is always expecting the unexpected.

Law and Introversion

Many people believe that extroverts would be the most successful lawyers. However, this is not the case, and the job is suitable for both extroverts and introverts. I identify myself as an introvert and in my opinion introverts can also be successful lawyers. Introversion can often be mistaken with timidity, pretention or lack of assertion. However, being an introvert does not relate to an individual’s social skills; instead, being an introvert could mean that you are a thinker, observer, require time alone and very sensitive.

Law may appeal to an abundance of introverts due to the amount of thinking, reading and writing involved. But there are some challenges that introverts could face as lawyers such as networking to build up a successful practice as introverts favor small groups and one on one meetings. According to a book published by JIST Works being a lawyer is ranked as the #6 job for an introvert. This shows that introverts are capable of becoming successful lawyers! In the end, an individual should not pursue a career solely based on their personality, it should be a career that excites them.

My Internship Experience

Kochhar & Co. is a corporate law firm and interning there was an unforgettable experience. Corporate law is the field I plan to specialize in. The practice of corporate law includes general corporate affairs such as directors’ or shareholders’ rights, and advising a business on their responsibilities and obligations. Undergoing an internship is an excellent way to understand how law is practiced and to test and decide which area of law you want to practice.

The internship gave me the chance to discover the duties lawyers have to their clients, learn from the partners and associates and build connections with other interns. An internship gives you the opportunity to experience the energy in a law firm and physically see and experience what you have learnt at school live. In order to be successful, a lawyer must have a good relationship with the client as well as comprehend their organization’s circumstances and intentions prior to offering any legal recommendations.


I am grateful for the experience and guidance I gained throughout the internship. It was inspiring to see how law was applied in practice. Moreover, I also learnt some valuable practical lessons on how to become a successful professional and the importance of getting out of one’s comfort zone. Furthermore, the internship gave me assurance that passion and ambition fulfill the occupation.


Author: Alexandra Gasparian

Alexandra Gasparian is a second-year economics student at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. She has participated in Model United Nations conferences in several countries as part of her extracurricular activities. She aspires to pursue a career in corporate compliance and ethics.